Tuesday, November 16, 2021

So just where is the money heading?

Okay, for those who are reluctant to donate because the numbers don't add up in your head.  Here is a master list of material and tools etc. for items needed.  Prices are local to my area and as we know lumber fluctuates almost as much as gasoline in price.

The shop itself.  If you notice I missed something let me know.  I know there is no siding in the list partly because I am still trying to decide on what to use.  If I can I may reuse the existing material to save money.

Item                            Qty    Each            Total
Rafters 2"x6"x10’        44    $11.32        $498.08
Joists 2"x8"x16’           23    $15.12        $347.76
Sill plates long wall       4    $12.68          $50.72
top plates Long walls    8    $12.12          $96.96
Top plates ends             4    $12.12          $48.48
Sill plates ends              2    $12.68          $25.36
Sheathing                    30    $29.15        $874.50
Drywall                        43    $7.57          $325.51
Decking                       20    $29.15        $583.00
Roofing                        20    $25.00        $500.00
Ridge cap                       3    $33.00         $99.00
Wall insulation              24    $16.47       $395.28
Ceiling insulation         16    $26.10       $417.60
Attic floor                     16    $29.15       $466.40
Main door hinges           9    $9.98           $89.82
Wood stove                     1    $432.80     $432.80
Heat strip                                                 $75.00
A/C & air handler                                $1,841.61
Thermostat                                               $21.69

Total plus 10% sales tax                       $7908.53

So over all the building isn't too bad IF prices stay stable.  I am still pricing the chimney for the wood stove which is why it isn't there.  Brand and supplier vary widely in price.

Electrical this is where prices can jump quickly, upside of being in HVAC/R for decades I am also an electrician!  So no labor charges.  The list is currently as complete as can be without actually having the structure completed.

Item                                Qty        Each            Total

Panel                                      1     $159.00     $159.00
Meter can                               1    $239.00      $239.00
20 amp 110v (10 pk)               1      $24.41       $48.82
110v box 20 cu inch              21        $0.49       $10.29
4 gang switch box                         $6.57         $6.57
Dbl gang for welder                      $1.30         $1.30
12/2 romex                         100'    $113.00     $113.00

Total plus 10% sales tax                  $635.78

Tools what is a shop without tools?  An empty building.

I am not looking for big fancy name brands.  Smaller, more cost effective, equipment is the route I am taking.


Wood lathe                    34706       $430.00    Harbor Freight
Lathe knives                  69723         $70.00    Harbor Freight
Compound miter saw    63978       $380.00    Harbor Freight
Band saw                       60564       $400.00    Harbor Freight
Thickness planer           63445       $360.00    Harbor Freight
Belt/disk sander            61750        $250.00    Harbor Freight
Lathe chuck                T32603        $150.00    Grizzly
10 x 22 Metal lathe       G0602    $1,795.00    Grizzly
8 x 29 Mill                     G0705    $2,050.00    Grizzly
Total less tax                                $5,885.00

I can start without the last two on the list they just make things a bit nicer and lets me break into metal work much sooner.
So in total this is what I need to get the shop up and running; $14,429.31  It could be way worse, a few years ago it could have been way better.  I didn't plan on the job market going to Hell, I didn't foresee a divorce at the time either, so time and money got allocated to things other than the shop.  I don't like asking for help but here I am.

If you want to donate to a specific item just note it when you donate, for now all donations go directly to the building fund.  At the time of writing this I am up to $340 toward the building, as you can see I have a long way to go.


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